Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Friends dont let friends rock up to a restaurant angry

btw no real Ninjas were hurt in this re-creation

There were lots of angry people in Cygnet today and most were from out of town, from all over the state, the mainland and overseas.
They’ve come down our way to spend their hard earned and for several, driving around fruitlessly seeking sustenance between destinations. They’ve discovered that rural Tassie, as far as eating establishments are concerned, is not open for business.
Over the holiday period, there’s an expectation from many of them that places will be open for them to get a drink and a bite to eat. Not an unreal expectation I think but one that is becoming harder to realise.
The sad thing is that these same people might reconsider making Tasmania a holiday destination in the future.
For the past four years I’ve proposed that all the food vendors in Cygnet let the organisers of the Folk Festival know what time they’ll be staying open until so punters can organise themselves in conjunction with the festival program.
Every year as we pack up our food tent and the café we have been met with hostility from some people who are angry about the lack of catering at the event. To date this initiative has not been taken up mainly as I am told, because of lack of space in the program. OK.
But back to the angry people. One bloke today came through the door, clearly exasperated and asked if we were doing take away food. I explained we had shut the kitchen and still had a full dining room with people still finishing their lunches so there wasn’t even a seat available to his party of eight.
He then launched into a tirade against food providers in the town, the Channel area and the Huon Valley in general before demanding where he could get something to eat. As he went on, all the while not bothering to look me in the eye or happy with my answers other people came to the door and I had to excuse myself from him to let them know I’ll be with them shortly but he just pushed through them angrily into the street. The latter people to the door however were disappointed but gracious and understanding of the situation and resolved with a smile to book a table in the future.
Those people restored my smile for the day.
Anyways have a lovely New Year everyone and remember:
‘Friends don’t let friends rock up to restaurants Angry”

Cheers Steve


Tanya Murray said...

It's not just rural Tasmania. Launceston is 90% closed for business. Night time restaurants are open but the cafes and casual lunch places are closed for the duration from Christmas Eve through until the 2nd of Jan at the earliest. Even the fish and chip shops! It is mildly inconvenient for me, like when the Dr announces in the middle of a busy clinic that he hasn't brought lunch and I can't just go next door and get something. For a traveller it is very frustrating, but they still have no excuse to forget their manners.

suze2000 said...

WHY do places feel the need to close over the holiday period? At the risk of stating the obvious: *it's the holiday period* - people will be away from home and expecting, wanting, willing to drop $30 per head for lunch and more for dinner. Not just them, but people whose work just can't shut down still want to eat, go out for dinner etc etc. Just where do these "closers" think people all disappear to, that they can throw away business like that?

Anonymous said...

Well played Steve and staff for being open for us when it really counts. The region is finally recognising that the RVL has, under your stewardship, fullfilled its potential as a warm light of promise in the darkness of rural Tasmanian indifference to the notion of hospitality.
So many cafes both here and in the mainland cities take their customers for granted. Having been in hospitality for many years prior to retiring, I had to reconcile years ago the fact that I would be working when everyone else was resting. I chose the life, no regrets at all but I find many of todays places lacking the commitment, a kind of public service of sorts if you will, for the greater good. These days its all about the individual.
I lament the passing of the notion of Noblesse Oblige, which is not alone declared to those born of wealth, an oft misunderstanding of the term.
It made me groan inwardly and wince when I read some of the precious and defensive (over)reactions from the operators and their cronies whom defended shutting shop at the peak of the season. Each to their own.
However I am still pondering this: If they are so comfortable and relaxed about their decision, why are they being so hysterical in their responses? Food for thought.
Until next time.
Love the cherry miffins BTW!

steve said...

Hi Tanya-nice to hear from you. yes a state wide issue I'm sure

Hi Suze-valid points all. However I think not all business people prioritise the same issues and this makes for a point of difference. Personally I'd love to take hols and be with the fam but I know if we did close we'd upset a lot of people.

Hi JF-thanks for your support and encouragment. Its nice to know people appreciate what we do-get those muffins while the cherries last.