Saturday, November 05, 2011

The pesimissm salve

Daily we’re being bombarded with bad news stories from throughout the world.
Turn on the tellie and it all becomes a bit overwhelming at times. Tune in to the radio and immerse yourself in a pool of aural stress. Flick through the papers and feel your stomach tighten with anxiety. Cock an ear to conversations fizzing all around you, each a fetid tribulation to a bubbling and noxious ferment of brewing distress.
I don’t know about you but I’ve lost a bit of skin lately in this high stakes game.
Constant negativism is grinding me down.
I’ve always been an optimistic person but issues of late are testing my resolve.
A wise person once said to me: ‘Steve stop reading the bloody papers, are they enriching your life or are they chipping away at it?’
Hmmm, that one came from left field!
I have a theory that negativism begets negativism. So, today as the sun awashes our beautiful valley in glorious rays, causing it to sparkle at its verdant edges, it’s difficult to remain downbeat whilst basking in such a gift, an unsullied start to a new day.
All bets are off, as I take my first baby steps towards shaking off this heavy coat of pessimism. Enjoy the day.


Anonymous said...

Nice one mate :-)

Susan Moore said...

Nice post. Yesterday's glorious sun and fresh air helped me too. It's hard to feel down when you're out and about in paradise. I tell you, if I didn't work in PR I would turn off the news tap for good. I stopped watching TV news a while ago as it just made me feel angry, but can't unplug from the rest (yet).

Hazel said...

Newspapers mostly gone, no tv- the only thing is the radio, I must admit I get so sick of hearing the same bad news every hour.

steve said...

Hi Anon-tnxs for reading!

Hello Susan, nice to hear from you-You are so true about the feeling you gert when out and about on a good day down here

G'day Hazel, thanks for reading-Me too, haven't quite kicked the papers but I've ended up like my old man-listening to news radio all the time!

Jo said...

i know exactly how you feel, every second advert on tv is about sickness or death, how depressing,the news is mostly either rubbish or depressing. i dont buy the paper and i dont watch much tv now as i find it all so negative. I have just been away for a few days, didnt see any tv or papers, it was so refreshing.