Saturday, October 22, 2011

A cautionary tale for bloggers

One day a plucky observer decided to put his thoughts into words.
“I’ll write a blog!” he said!
He began that very night and typed and typed and typed.
Pretty soon, a body of work emerged
“No one is reading!” he cried into his pillow
He asked around and yes, everyone was just too busy to read his blog
But one day, after a particular post, a comment appeared.
Eagerly he read it.
“Oh, No it’s nasty!” he said, before deleting it
“I don’t want nasty comments thankyou very much Mr Internet!” he said
But then a few similar comments started appearing like these:
“I’m disappointed that you don’t like me” said one
“I don’t read your blog but what you’re saying upsets me” came another
“I don’t like what you are suggesting” opined yet one more.
He felt like he was being muzzled by an audience who apparently were not reading?
How curious.
He thought and thought and thought about it.
Then the light globe over his head combusted with energy and a single word morphed into shape
‘Wankers!’ he thought
The end.


essjayeats said...

Ahh ... Mr Grumpy Steven .... You know the 99% don't comment ... hang on, that makes me one of the 1% ... !!! oh noes! I'm about to be occupied! HALP!

matt machine said...


Anonymous said...

dont be upset steve, im sure there are one or two of us that enjoy your blog... hehe

DK said...

I do read it, and they are. Keep it up, mate.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that interesting blog about something that touches a nerve and they all come out of the woodwork, you write a blog highlighting the fact and they all wriggle back into their dark corners, mmmmmm

Rita said...

Ha! This is the funnniest post I have read for ages! Thanks Steve!

steve said...

Hi Essjay-Thanks for reading!

G'day Matt-cheers mate

Hi anon-Yes I'm surprised and delighted at just how many people do read my blog

Cheers DK

Hi Anon-good point but this is the nature of putting your opinions out there

Hi Rita-yes, though momrntarily grumpy my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek when I wrote this post

GourmetGirlfriend said...

Ah Steve- you make me laugh

reb said...

The secret is to publish the nasty comments.

Sadie said...


steve said...

G'day Ruth-Good, I giggled writing this!

Hi Reb-so true

Hi Sadie-Cheers for reading! :-)