Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Lovely Bones

I was born on a cattle station in far North Queensland. It was a dry spring but water soon became plentiful and the pastures were soon sprouting.

The months flew by and I grew. When I was big enough, myself and many of my brothers and sisters travelled some distance, before we arrived at another station. Here we jostled for space with many more of my kind, there was no grass though, just grain. This place smelled different, it made us uneasy.

The day came when we walked single file into the building not to come out the other side. Though I sensed what was about to happen, the end came quickly.

I watched myself, upside down with the men clawing at my throat and belly. My innards gushed onto the concrete floor and next to me, my brothers and sisters, hung lifeless.

Moved by conveyor my body was quickly dissected by an army of bloodied workers.
My parts were quickly broken down, smaller and smaller.

Into the machine I went, shredded and mulched. Bits of others joined me. And still more pieces of others, into a mass of minced redness.

Another machine stamped out shapes of me and my kin, which were then wrapped and blast frozen, boxed and refrigerated.

The next day a large truck collected us and we travelled some distance before finally arriving.
Pieces of me soon found their way onto a hot grill then removed and placed with other food, wrapped and sold to the two people.

Who walked to a park, sat on a bench in the sun and consumed me and the fragments of others.


Another Outspoken Female said...

Deep in your hearth, you're a closet vegetarian aren't you? :)

Dani Diamond said...

*wipes tears*

Anonymous said...

Reality check there but quite sad. The bit about "fragments of others" got me. Is vegetarianism beckoning? No not really. Maybe I just pull an ostrich like veil over all the details!

MB said...

you write so evocatively steve, why aren't you in print?

Anonymous said...

SO disturbing Steve. What are you saying? Your dont like meat, you lament the passing of an abbatoir, are you a vegetarian, live cattle exports, a comment on the fast food industry, what?

steve said...

Hi AOF-maybe you're right. Went the full monty Vego when I worked at opening Soulmama years ago-lasted 18 months. Bacon got me in the end!

Hi Dani-thanks for reading

Hi Anon-no its not, I enjoy meat but sometimes I do question the whole 'meat' thing

Hi MB-thanks for reading too!

Hi Anon-maybe yes to all of them. I guess i am just taking stock and a moment of stillness to absorb

Another Outspoken Female said...

Oh Soulmama, that makes me strangely nostalgic!

Melinda said...

For a minute there I thought you were going to give us your opinion on the live meat export debacle.

steve said...

Hi AOF-me too!

Hello Melinda-I could. However I feel I'd be opening a can o worms. For the record though, I agree the whole shemozzle is regrettable.
Our rapacious appetite for consuming meat and the realities of getting it to the table are due for a long overdue juncture in the not too distant future. The whole notion of killing animals for food no matter how 'humanely' it might be done is never an easy reality for some people to digest, particularly vegetarians and this I reckon is a major hurdle to reconcile.