Sunday, November 28, 2010

Had a totally unique lunch today.
It was delicious, impressive and inimitable.
Service was a benchmark, not only for Tassie.
Wines-well my wife said her glass was one of the best she'd ever had.
We were both left very enthralled and inspired.
If only I was young again, I'd want to work here.
Make the effort to go, see whats possible,
Challenge yourself and revel in the virtuosity because
it's a rare thing these days and should be celebrated.

The yardstick has been raised considerably.


WD said...

Couldn't agree more Steve.
Loved Garagistes and will be reviewing in the 40 Degrees SOuth magazine out next week. Hope I don't gush too much. Raises the bar for Tassie - but just hope the lines don't become too long.

Victor said...

This must be the shortest review of a restaurant I have ever read, Steve. But, straight to the point. I can't wait to get there once we moved to Hobart.

Dillon said...

Gday Steve
Was there any dish that stood out for you and do you remember your wife's fav wine. Looks like an amazing wine list. How do you chose?
I'm looking forward to going next week.

steve said...

Hi Winsor-as the post conveys, I was very impressed

Hi Vic-thats me straight to the point!

Hi Dillon & welcome-I think her wine was a verdiccio, from where not sure sorry. Standout dish the crab salad with peas, radish & golden beets. nest the goats milk ice cream, salted caramel, malt biscuits and riccota fritters.Equal was the steamed groper with shitakes and the cape grim brisket, rape and a salsa I cannot remember the name of.

Dillon said...

Just got back from Garagistes.
You and Luke are chalk and cheese when it comes to food styles.
I'm a big fan of both. The wine selection is outstanding and Katrina's selection was spot on. The only downer for me was the the seating. We were so close to a group of ladies who all had different (strong) perfumes competing with each other and the food and wine. I guess that could happen with close separate seating as well.
Must get down to RVL soon.
Cheers mate

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve-Nice plug from Roger and Sue aka who read verbatim you Garagistes review