Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Savour Tasmania slips under local radar

I know I've been busy but I was just wondering if I dozed off & missed something.

Apparently Savour Tasmania is on again this year. They have secured some amazing Australian & overseas talent for the event which is exciting.

Trouble is I had to find out about it on Twitter last week & from the mainland newspapers today.

Can anyone tell me if there has been a local news story alerting us to this event because I may have missed it?

It will be on in Hobart 27-30 May & Launceston 4-6 June.

Just two months away.

Received an email just now that confirmed details & bookings info will be available on the Savour Tasmania website in late March.


Anonymous said...

I never knew it was on nor did I see any local press coverage! Dont they want it to succeed?
What were the organisers thinking?
That is nowhere enough lead time AND its in the coldest time of the year!
The weblink says 'deatils coming soon' er like when?

reb said...

"Manland" newspapers?

Now that sounds like something I should be reading.

I demand details! And pictures..!!

steve said...

Oopsie, cheers Reb but its just a typo, sorry to get your hopes up!

reb said...

I see that most of the events are already sold out, so they must've told someone...


Which is a pity really, cause I would've liked to have shown off my "after 5" wear at the gala dinner.

I presume that 'after 5' includes trackie daks and that sort of thing...?

steve said...

Hi Reb-they appear to be the 2009 events you have linked to. The 2010details are yet to be announced. I have emailed the organisers for some information & will update this post when I recieve them.

So there is still a chance for you to sashay along the red carpet in your Kappa tarcky daks, LA lakers singlet, FUBU hoody & bling

reb said...

Well that's good news, just don't go stealing 'my look' for any of the events.

Winsor said...

Saw Ann Atkinson last week and told her that they had left it all far too late. No time for any pre-event publicity in any of the wine/food magazines as they are already working on June. A pity because I really enjoyed last year's event.

steve said...

Hi Winsor & welcome-thats a shame from the publicity point of view.
Glad you enjoyed last years, did you write, blog, tweet about it?

Winsor said...

Hi Steve. I wrote a short piece for Winestate that it was returning in 2010, used it as the basis of a Tasmanian story in Reader's Digest and mentioned it in OUTthere (airline mag). Was waiting for details to do a preview but the time frame makes that unlikely unless I can get it into the Sun-Herald (but I need a full line-up/sked) before I try that. Nice lunch today, by the way. Had the kingfish and wife had the Spanish chicken soup.

Anonymous said...


this has been out for a while,but still not where most people will find it!

steve said...

Hi Winsor-glad you liked the Kingfish & soup

Thanks anon-I read this but still think more reportage is needed to spread the word