Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A nice happy ending for a change

One bright sunny day in Smallville, Meg came up with an inspired idea.

‘I like food & restaurants’ she thought. ‘Why don’t I write about them on a blog?’
And she did. She loved to eat out & she posted on each place she visited.
Pretty soon, other people started reading her blog & then one day someone actually commented!
Meg was thrilled to bits. ‘Wow’ she said to her trusty sidekick, Betty the Terrier, ‘Blogging sure is fun’ ‘Woof!’ barked Betty.
Meg ate & typed, sampled & posted & sipped & wrote; pretty soon she was getting comments from, well, just about everybody

But soon it wasn’t so sunny in Smallville & dark clouds of dissent rumbled.

Until one day she recieved a nasty comment, followed by another & then another.
‘Heavens Betty, some people are so mean!’ said Meg, Betty whimpered.

It seemed that some people were not happy with Meg’s blog.
‘Some people aren’t happy with my blog Betty?!’ she said sadly. ‘All I’m trying to do is tell people about all the lovely things I have eaten but instead all some of them do is be nasty’ the tears welling in her eyes.

Then in a flash she came up with another inspired idea

‘I know’ she cried ‘I’ll just delete the ones that are nasty!’ Betty yelped in agreement
Pretty soon it was all back to normal, once again the sun shone brightly over Smallville with Meg at her keyboard & her trusty Terrier Betty by her side

The End


Rita said...

Ouch! Lucky I'm thick-skinned!

not really anonymous said...

Meg was the victim of circumstances.

It was Betty who was the two-faced bitch.

Hazel said...

You crack me up Steve!

Victor said...

You are so funny, Steve! Trying to stir up a storm in Smallville?

sir grumpy said...

That Meg's too sugary to be sincere (sancerre?).
Has to be on the take.

Maggie said...

Very cheeky Steve, but I love it!

Also, I've been watching too much Mad Men and you're not helping. :)

steve said...

Hi Rita-Believe it or not its actually not meant to be taking the mickey out of you but I'm happy for you that it has ha ha! Woof said Betty!

Hiya Reb-yes Betty calls the shots
'Wag the dog' & all that

Hi Hazel-Glad you are laughing & not offended!

G'day Victor-Yes Smallville needs to be stirred up occasionally dont you think?

Hi Sir G-Long time no hear. No Meg is far too innocent to ever be on the take

Hello Maggie-Thats me cheeky to a t

Another Outspoken Female said...

Loved it Steve!

(though of course Meg could always right a piece on food blogging for the Walkley Magazine and then she'd feel much better :)

neil said...

Not forgetting that car accident lawyer who has discovered a love of food...blogs!