Saturday, March 06, 2010

Crab apple jelly made easy

Plenty of these
plus this

into this

over this

equals this


Rita said...

You make it appear SO easy Steve, when we all know it requires WAY more effort than those simple steps! Methinks you are paying too much attention to Victor!

claire said...


Victor said...

LOL!!! Steve - love your sense of humour! What a great laugh!

Hey Rita - i have no influence in this PAlease.

steve said...

Hi Rita-no really, it was easy!

Hiya Claire-nice to hear from you

Hi Victor-glad you had a giggle!

reb of Hobart said...

"no really, it was easy!"

That's easy for you to say.

Hazel said...

your weekend looks quite productive too! Crab apple jelly I'm not sure I've tried it before. Are there plans to use it in a particular dish?