Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Cove-dolphin friendly cinema

Some of you might be aware of a film called ‘The Cove’.

The film primarily deals with the killing of dolphins for food & the lengths that this particular area in Japan, the town of Taiji, goes to in order to minimize the bad publicity that this practice has attracted.
What I learned today is that Broome in WA is the sister city to town of Taiji in Japan where ‘The Cove’ is filmed. Within one week of intense activism by animal rights groups here in Australia, the city of Broome has severed all ties with its sister city in Japan due to its ongoing massacre of dolphins. What an inspiring demonstration of people power.
When will these pseudo cultural practices be judged by the world what they really are, out of step, ignorant & shamefully inhumane? To borrow a phrase from our Labor Parties golden years; ‘It’s time’.
Time to send a message to all those Governmental head in the sand, flat-earthers out there: Find another fish to kill & eat & leave the Dolphins alone.


Ed said...

I guess Dolphins are the public face of cute fish. Let's not forget Blue Fin Tuna, Altantic Cod and all the other fish far more over threat from overfishing.

stephen said...

Hear hear.
If you had been at the range on Sunday you would have seen I was wearing my Sea Shepherd Crew windcheater. I am acting pro bono for Paul Watson and the crew of the Steve Irwin over the Japanese Govt complaint which led to the AFP raid on the ship when it docked in Hobart after the summer campaign this year.
Get real!

steve said...

Hi Ed-yes you are right, there are plenty of other species in more peril. However I'm unable to prioritize my compassion & empathy, it just happens.

Thanks Stephen for dropping by-I think that these animal rights issues are becoming more mainstream now & as a result are gaining more momentum. It seems all that hard work by those at the vanguerd of these issues is finally paying off.

Victor said...

Saw a sneak preview on The Movie show. We should stop eating lovely, cute and intelligent non-human living thing. Does that count baby pig as shown in Jamie's recent program with live audience? What about Norwegian fishermen killing whales and sea lions? Saw that on a documentary a while back. Seeing how they are being slaughtered is upsetting.